Referral system

Invite new gamers to the project and get money for their victories

More about the affiliate program
  • The player you invite (referral, if his level is 4 and above) gets to his account: 0.33 $.
  • A referral can only be a new player who spent less than 24 hours on our site.
  • You will receive %5 to %25 from the commission charges for every game won by your referrals, the commission that you will receive is based in our total computation, depending on the percent (%) charges of you referrals victory.
  • You can withdraw the money you earn in a convenient way.
  • Before activating, make sure that access to the game information is open in the privacy settings
Every time when someone enters your code, he/she becomes your referral.
When someone follows your link and logs in, he/she becomes your referral.
For every 2 referrals you are given +5% of the commission on every game. Maximum is 25% of the commission.
  1. 5%
    0 referrals
  2. 10%
    2 referrals
  3. 15%
    4 referrals
  4. 20%
    6 referrals
  5. 25%
    8 referrals
Your percentage of referrals' victories:  5%
Earnings from the affiliate program:  0 $
User Percentage Your profit Since